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Askar Nurakun

During the second year of education in “Radio-TV and Cinema” faculty, Askar Nurakun uulu did an internship at one of the leading cinema studios in Kyrgyzstan - “Aitysh Film”. Right after, he was offered a position as camera technician and assistant. He worked there between 2010 and 2017 as head of the camera department, director and cameraman.

Between 2011 and 2013 he has been a focus puller, camera technician and camera assistant in the historical movie “Kurmanjan datka”. Meanwhile he shot his first feature film as director of photography.

Since then he has been the director of photography of several feature and short films. Besides ,he has been filming documentaries, music videos, advertisements and TV series.

He worked in different positions such as DOP, DOP assistant, Focus puller, DIT and camera technician in international film projects, as well as taking part in organizing the international short film festival “Kyrgyzstan- Land of Short Films”.

He directed two short movies. One of them, which is his debut work, has been nominated in more than thirty international film festivals and awarded in more than 15 of them. His second short movie just recently started its journey to festivals.




Askar Nurakun

“In love with cinema” short movie

The attempt of a little cinema lover to see a movie is becoming a failure. Actually it is enough for him to hear the sound of his favorite movies coming from the cinema hall. But there is another barrier for the viewer. Finally his dreams are becoming true because of his love for cinema.



Askar Nurakun

Spark of Life (Short Movie)

Keeping the hearth is not an easy task. Especially if that burden is carried by little hands. And even if everything around collapses, giving up is not an option when life is at stake.

"In love with cinema", "Spark of life" samples

antology film "2020"

2021, director of photography

Kok Boru (Feature Film)

2018, camera

Osh Gorod Geroev (Feature Film)

2019, director of photography

Eki Baatyr (Feature Film)

2019, director of photography

suleiman mountain (Feature Film)

2016, DOP Assistant

Kurmanjan Datka Queen of the Mountains (Feature Film)

2013, DOP Assistant, Focus Puller

ZHAT (Feature Film)

2014, DOP Assistant, Focus Puller

Music Video "Judaai" Moin Sabri Feat.Aaira

2020, Director of Photography

Music Video "BEY PINJARA" Ankit Tiwari

2019, Director of Photography

Music Video "Mehbooba" Ankit Tiwari | Amy Jackson

2018, 2nd Unit Cinematographer

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